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Call Analyzer

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Agent empathy

  • Call management

  • Agent performance

Call analyzer is focused in the phone call itself. It offers customer satisfaction and Agent empathy indicators. As well as other information regarding call management and agent performance.


Auto Audit

  • Quality Assurance aid

  • Script Verification

  • Call/Agent grading

  • Agents comparison

Auto Audit helps quality assurance teams to increase their efficiency as it checks script compliance on every phone call.  It grades phone calls and agents according to business criteria.


Debt Recover

  • Improve % Collections

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Agent Compliance

  • Collection Profile

Collections analyzer improves collection rates and mitigate risk of fines and lawsuits. It does a close control on agent compliance with norms and regulations.


Sales Booster

  • Improve % Sales

  • Sales Performance

  • Agents Control

  • Sales Profile

Sales analyzer improves sales by profiling agents and phone calls.   


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