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Unleashing the power within your calls


Companies waste money and resources managing and measuring their phone calls.

Phone service companies invest thousand of dollars each month managing their phone calls and measuring their quality:
Customer satisfaction surveys, quality assurance teams, and IT infrastructure are some of the big costs associated  

But those efforts outcome deficient results:


Main resource is overlooked: 
The Phone Call!

The main resource, the phone call itself, is being overlooked.In the phone call is where most of the client interaction happens.  Which offers a great opportunity.

But listen to all calls is a impossible task. Here is where Technology and EmoCall can help:

With AI and Big Data analytics, EmoCall can review all the phone calls and not only check the service quality, but unhide all sort of valuable information regarding the customer and the service agent. 

How we do it?


Artificial Intelligence platform that improves contact center revenue.

EmoCall is an AI platform custom made to improve contact centers business and so, their revenue. 

It uses AI Speech emotion recognition, big data Analysis, and keyword detections to review each stored or live phone call and provide business insights.

Speech Spectrum Analytics

This module understands client and agent interaction: among others, it identifies their emotions and how their communication evolves qualitatively. It is language and context independent.

Analytics & Big Data

Statistics and big data analytics use the huge amount of data from Speech Spectrum Analytics and Semantics Behavior Recognition to unhide valuable information for the business.

Semantics Behavior Recognition

Our Semantics behavior recognition extracts the key messages during the conversation; it identifies keywords and expression to know exactly what happened during the phone call.

Business Model

Despite everything gravitate around a phone call, this is a very diverse environment regarding clients’ needs and preferences. So, EmoCall offers flexible options to accommodate to different clients’ cost structures.

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Valu​e Added

EmoCall provides several benefits to contact center business.

QA Team Performance

Increases by 10X the performance of Quality assurance teams.

Increase %Sales & Collections

Increase sales and collections rates.

20X Audit Efficiency

Boost by 20X the Audits efficiency by analyzing 100% of the pone calls.

Customer SatisfactionService Quality

Provide customer satisfaction and service quality indicators.

Rules & RegulationsCompliance

Prevent fines and lawsuits by verifying compliance to rules and regulations.

The best way to see what EmoCall can do for your business is to try it out.